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All Comments

What's with all the stupid *** questions?
Can someone please explain to me why there are so many stupid questions being asked on Yahoo Answers. I mean c'mon a good amount of them could be answered with 20 seconds of actually looking it up. Are people really that lazy?
I'm sure you can find an answer to your question, too. ;)

But, yes. People are lazy. That's that.
How is that girls can say all guys are jerk, or *** holes?
Disregarding any good ones.

That is just like saying all females are Gold Diggers. Not true & not true about all guys!

So what makes some girls just say this with no consideration.
before I have a competent response, I want to say this:

Riley: Well I don't see what's the big deal with hoes anyway.
Huey: Riley all women are not hoes. We're talking 20-25 percent tops.
Riley: Ok but if they not all hoes then why do I got to pay to take them out to eat then. I mean I'm paying that's payment.
Huey: I don't know, cause that's just what you do. You meet a girl you take her out to dinner but your not paying the girl your paying the restaurant.
Riley: But I'm paying which makes her a hoe! Why do I just give her the money I was goin' spend on dinner and that hoe can go grocery shopping

Ok, thats out of my system. Now, I think that the girls who say that has not been with a guy who THEY BELIEVE treats them as well as they would like (misunderstanding factored in here). They are just results of their environment. I heard a girl say that, then she turned to me and said "well, not you!" and began to pet me on the head (girls do that alot to me, IDK why).
How do u make ur pants sag a little bit with out ur *** hanging out or showing all of ur underwear?
I have tried buying bigger size of pants, and buying ones that are shorter in the legs. but they all make me look like i have a big pile of **** in my pants.
My underwear showed many times in elementary school growing up because Mom would buy me pants a little too was so embarrassing!!!!

Sometimes I had funny panties too-- like little flowers on them and they would stick out
What do i do when everyone in the room are guys and im the only girl and all the guys are staring at my ***?
see I was in our skool gym and I was talkin to my best friend N he was in the basketball team. so I was talking to him and all the other guys (even the guys that were a year older than me) were staring at my ***. what do I do? what were they thinking about?
They were imagining what they would do to those butt cheeks of yours. Slide and grind the weiner. If you know what I mean. (;
If you had sex in the *** but it didnt go all the way in, would that cause you to have problems defecating?
Since i kinda had sex in the ***(but it didn't go all the way in), i've been having problems defecating, like it is very hard to come out. Could that be the cause?
you should drink more water and just let your body run its course you probably have problems because the sex pushed the excrement in you further back so its now dry and stuck it will eventually come out but drinking plenty of water will make it pass with no pain and also not require you to have to force it out which can cause hemorrhoids.
What is som good comebacks to say to a ***** *** girl that thinks shes all that ?
well this girl thinks shes all that and i used up alot of comebacks sooo i need help plz and if your not going to help dont comment thx:)
1. I never believed in hell until the day I met you.
2. You've got the perfect drive me to kill myself.
3. You're so ugly Hello Kitty said goodbye to you.
4. You have something on your chin. Third one down.
5. Some people are has beens. You are a never was.
6. Is that your face or did your neck just throw up?
7. With looks like yours, I wish I was blind.
8. Words can't express how much everyone hates you.
9. Stop talking. There's diarrhea everywhere.
10. You're so stupid, your IQ is in the negatives.
11. Jesus loves you but everyone thinks you're a moron.
12. Your face, my ***, same thing.
13. Hi! I'm human. What the hell are you?
14. You're living proof a turd can be polished.
15. If I were you, I would commit suicide.
Why are they taking off all the good anime' and showing those stupid *** cartoons?
Bring back Inuyasha,Death Note,Code Geass:Lelouche Of The Rebellion, and that other new anime'!
Well if you mean Moribito, that and Code Geass are actually shown at like 5 am est in the morning. So they dont show either one twice. but you have to stay up late for it, or get up really early.

I do really wish they would stop with the retarded shows like Tim and Eric show.
Can constant gaming (sitting on your *** all day) stunt your growth as a male early teenager?
My little brother plays 4-8 hours of Call of Duty literally everyday. He's at the age where you get your growth spurt and doesn't seem to be getting any taller. Has he just not hit it yet or could him sitting around all day everyday be a reason to his shortness. Yes he is also fat. Not obese, just pretty overweight. I'm trying to prove to him that playing that much could have long term effects. Any site sources found would be a great help too.
It'll turn your brain into mush and make you fat. Tell him to get of his *** and exercise so he can be healthy.
After John Wayne, who are the next top nine bad@*** actors of all time?
Anyone wants to argue with John Wayne being the #1 bad@## actor of all time takes themselves out of the running for BA.

Even Clint Eastwood would agree that John Wayne was the coolest human being that ever lived.

That said, what's your list of the next nine?
2. Clint Eastwood
3. Charles Bronson
4. Joe Pesci
5. Samuel L. Jackson
6. Arnold Schwarzenegger
7. Uma Thurman
8. Bruce Willis
9. Matt Damon
10. Robert De Niro (my favorite actor but not nescessarily a BA guy all the time)
Anyone else think the Rock saying *** all those times is a push to have WWE be rated TV14 again?
They cut out the first time he said *** but after that they didnt do it any suggestions to this?
Wwe needs to take notes did they hear how loud the crowd was they should go bak tv 14 and have it exciting like this every week

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