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Should there be a gay Kama Sutra?
Or is there?
There was/is something pretty close to it. Years ago a book called The Joy of Sex came out and shocked everybody because of the illustrations. Within a year of that, the same publishers put out The Joy of Gay Sex and The Joy of Lesbian Sex. Both were very popular. I'm not positive, but I think they might still be in print. I think those two books are about as close to a gay/lesbian Kama Sutra as we're going to get.
What is bisexual?what is kama sutra?recently i heard about lesbian and gay but that i know what they are.but?
bisexual i don't know i heard sexual,bisexual,asexual and ya yesterday i went to see a movie WHICH WAS 13B a horro movie they were talking about kama sutra what is that.
kama sutra is a process of sex. its a widely practice used in india and it is originated from india and it is used by training. u can easily find its videos on net and in market.
What are some kama sutra positions/ interesting things that two gay guys can get invoved in?
ok....ummm...well....i hope i can put this on "answers" to begin with....sorry if i'm not supposed to...(errr!! oooppps!!!)
ok...i'm 5'9", 160lbs. and downtown i'm about friend is is about the same height, he ways about 180-190, and he's about 6...and uncut.... :-)
ok...well....we've only got as far as kissin and me givin him a bj....but i want us to get closer....
are there any kama sutra positions....etc....that we could engauge in?
I think Saarah is actually a guy and he's just jealous!

Does the Kama Sutra Address Asexual Orientation?
The Kama Sutra an ancient Hindu text considered to be a manual on sexual behavior has long been studied and revered for its breakthroughs in the field of human sexuality. Upon closer examination it appears that there are sections that speak to what we quite possibly today call asexuality or grey-a that may have been ignored by readers with a sexual perspective.

The Kama Sutra recognizes that just as sexuality falls along a spectrum and some are gay, bi, or straight, that sexual desire falls along a spectrum as well. There are nine kinds of unions described based on the level of sexual desire of an individual.

There are those labeled "small", "middling", or "intense" to describe their level of sexual desire and interest.

"A man is called a man of small passion whose desire at the time of sexual union is not great...and who cannot bear the warm embraces of the female.

Those who differ from this temperament are called men of middling passion, while those of intense passion are full of desire" (Sacred Texts).

The text then goes on to discuss the length of time a person sustains themselves sexually, indicating that the verses above are not about the length of the sexual act but merely the desire and intensity of the behavior.

All people who are sexually involved find that there are times they are more desiring of sex than others. Is the Kama Sutra referring only to periods of time that people are not as sexually inclined, or may the authors have been speaking to those who are to some degree asexual, or quite possibly both?
possibly both

personally, from a sexual being viewpoint, intimacy is not the same thing as sex; and intimacy is much better... emotional, intellectual, and physical closeness top just a roll in the hay any day...

edit: i am not surprised at the response in LGBT ... my first wife and i got a lot of flack out at p-town once ... interracials get diss'd by that group too...
I think the Song of Solomon was stolen from the Kama Sutra.?
But it was tamed down by the Catholics to make it more bearable reading for the gay priests.
Why? You think the Hindus have a corner on porn?
Does any other gay guy get turned on by UFC?
in case you don't know, these men are in really short spandex trunks, and do martial arts that look like they are pulling every move out of the kama sutra book.
Guilty as charged.
Need helpf finding these two things!!!?
You know how there is like Chicken Soup for the petlovers soul and all those Chicken soup books, well is there on e for gay people?

The other one is about Kuma Sutra. Is there a book of gay kama sutra for gay guys?
Go to your local book store. They definitely have a gay section, but it might not be called that. Try looking under "lifestyles".
I'm like 99% sure, so just take a trip to your local book store, I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for. =]
Ladies/Gay Men Only! What's the First Word that Comes to Mind when?
what's the first word/phrase that comes to mind when you think of the following:

1) Day Spa
2) Herbal Tea
3) Bubble Bath
4) Massage
5) Kama Sutra
6) 69
7) Fine Chocolate
8) Bath and Body Works
9) Attractive Man
10) CandleLight Dinner

(Copy and Paste the List and Answer them in Consecutive order, if you don't know how this works)
1) Day Spa = fun to pamper me but he not like to go :(
2) Herbal Tea = relaxing presleep drink
3) Bubble Bath = wet, naked fun with bubbles
4) Massage = naked fun with oil that gets me wet
5) Kama Sutra = old school sex position advise for the inexperienced
6) 69 = enjoyable but taking turns with oral I prefer 6 then 9 or 9 then 6
7) Fine Chocolate = melt in the mouth or whereever his mouth is; sticky on skin until well licked
8) Bath and Body Works = place to get good smelling bubble bath to enjoy when naked and wet
9) Attractive Man = he's mine
10) CandleLight Dinner = romantic foreplay, can be eaten before and/or after sex (or during if you're creative!)

©, gay kama sutra