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If i wanted to get my best friend who is a girl a sex toy and im a guy which kind would be best to get?
Or lace wear so that it isn't as akward?
well you could take her to pick it out but if you get a girl a sex toy try something that has a clit stimulator or go to Spencer's and pick out a girly toy like handcuffs or some kinda gel that is edible or a gift card to a sex shop or you could get her something that eats her out or if you wanted to go with a sexy pair of panties give her a victoria secret gift card that way she can pick it out
Where can I buy a strapon sex toy that makes the girl wearing it feel amazing also?
I am looking to buy a strapon for my girlfriend, but I want her to feel good too while she's using it. Does anyone know where I can buy a strapon that that makes the girl wearing it feel really good as well?
Here you go…
What age do you think is old enough for a girl to use a sex toy?
Like a vibrator or dildo?
If the girl is old enough to be sexually aware and has come to realize that her vagina has the ability to provide much personal pleasure, then I guess she is old enough. At least she can't get pregnant or pickup a sexually transmitted virus from a toy.

100 years ago the cucumber and similar shaped veggies were put to good use in this regard along with olive oil as a lubricant.

Of course some people might have religious and moral objections but that's another matter.
How can i create a sex toy for a girl?
ok i am 15 and ever masturbatetd or anything my freinds at school talk about sex all the time and masturbating
You don't need anything to masturbate, you can just use your hands. But as far as toys go, vibrators are the most popular thing for girls. It would be kind of hard to make your own, but you can buy a vibrating massager and use that.
Is it wrong to buy my 16 year old girl a sex toy?
I feel that this might keep her from getting into future trouble, but not sure if it's the right thing to do...
No, that's what sex ed is for at school. She will figure it out on her own. She don't need u giving her the okay.
Neutrogena wave is a sex toy age girls can buy, its ever shaped for it, agree?
I know 2 girls that use it for this reason. And the girl in the commercial, v hudgins, is the one whos naked pictures popped up on the web.
lol, nahh its definitely not shaped like a sex toy...

if this is the case... wouldn't that mean that vibrating toothbrushes and vibrating razors are sex toys as well?
it makes just as much sense.
Why is it that its pretty much socially acceptable for a girl to own a sex toy but then ...?
if a guy were to get caught with some sort of sex toy he would be considered perverted or desperate and probably made fun of, you find a dildo in a girls dresser drawer youd probably be embarresed and just act like you never saw it,some girls will even talk openly about owning a vibrator, if a guy did that he would never hear the end of it....whys it not perverse and desperate for a girl to use "tools" to masterbate but it is if a guy does?
For the same reason if a girl sleeps around with 10 guys, she's a ho'. But if a guy does it, he's a pimp, he's "the man".
Double standard, babe. Sorry if it's affected you in anyway.

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