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Is the porn video "hidden camera in women toilet in Moscow university" originate with illegal website?
the video "hidden camera in women toilet in Moscow university" appear in numerous of website.is this video originate with illegal website.it yes, why no one report this offensive video? why do they allow it to spread all over the internet?
If anyone from that video will claim it then I'm sure they will take some measure, but if nobody feels offended by this video, there is no problem for anyone. There are a lot of porn videos made my amateurs and nobody cares.
Recently found hidden camera in pub toilet, precautions?
I've found a hidden cam, size of a thumbdrive facing the toilet bowl in my pub toilet. Tho we can narrow it down to a number of culprits, it is difficult for us to accuse. What are the precautions we should take? And is there any cam-sensor device and how does it work?
1) notify the police (they might even be able to find fingerprints on it)
2) never go to the bathroom ever again (especially in a public toilet...too many germs and cameras ;-) )
How to detect a hidden camera in hotel room/toilet/changing room/etc?
I don't know why people would wanna see others' parts this way.
Ok, here's a couple of ideas:
first, try recording a little bit of video with your phone, review the video and look for bright flashes:

You can also turn off the lights and look for red or green LED's, but that isn't always gonna help.

Then there's this little trick to spot pinhole cams (note-you have to be able to darken or even black out the room):
What would you do if you were "on the toilet" and saw a hidden camera pointed at you?
In a public restroom, like in a hotel or McDonalds or a gift shop or something.

Could you sue for that kind of thing?
Panic!!! Demand the tape and destroy it! Of course you could sue, its an invasion of privacy and against the law!! Oh yeah if I can actually see the camera, they didnt do a good job of hiding it did they? lol!
We have a hidden camera inside the toilet bowl!?
My mom found out that I have eating disorder from my poop
I asked her that how she knows I have the problem and she played me that disgusting video taken from the toilet bowl while I was discharging poop.
She is a doctor and she likes to take care of us all the time.

Now I am uncomfortable sitting on that toilet bowl... I feel like somebody is watching the most private things....
What should I do? Should I call 911? If so, what should I tell them?
smear poop on the camera
Is it illegal to put hidden cameras in staff, and public toilets.?
To catch someone out stealing.
Generally, in the US, it is illegal.
What shall we do? Mobile cameras and Digital cameras every where?
Now a days almost every one holds a cellphone with a good camera / Digital camera. SO what is the guarantee about your privacy. any once can take anything and emidately publish on net via free hosting sites? IS there any low to file cases against those who take pictures without some one's permission and post on net. Some pictures may insult them or a community or a party etc? how to face this issue? even at lodges, hotels even toilets there are hidden cameras..
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