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What nude beach has the most young people there?
Most nude beaches only have old people & barely any young people.
By young people I mean guys, teens, & young adults.
Which nude beach/resort in America has the most young people?
You're after the guys aren't you?!
Which nude beach has the most young people?
By young people I mean guys/teens/young adults.
Most nude beaches only have old people & barely any young people.
I am 16 btw & I would like to know which nude beach I should go to.
Yes I do wanna see naked girls. If I could see just 1 decent girl naked that would make my day.

So which nude beach/resort has the most young people & least old people?
95% of people at nude beaches are old, like over 50. Sorry to rain on your parade. The most nude beaches are in Europe.
If a young teen wants to be nude in there house is it wrong to alow that teen to do so y or y not ?
If so shoUld it have rules and limets and what r thoses rules and limits
If they are by themselves then it really doesn't matter if they are nude or not but if other people are around then they shouldn't be.
R teens too young to be having sex?
I'm still a virgin and a lot of people on here who are like really young teens say oh I'm having sex. I think guys in my school are way to immature for me. All they ever think about is Sex, Naked girls, more sex and nude Girls. I'm waiting for a 20 something year old male because they are way Mature!
Hi Kitty
I 100% agree with you.
I know what I am about to say will upset a lot of teenage guys but your much better off with a slightly older guy . One with a bit of sexual experience, especially if your a virgin
I gave mine up aged 16 to a guy the same age it was not a disaster but it was, shall we say a bit of a let down. the next guy I meet was 21 and what a deference he taught me every thing from how to play with the foreskin to how to relax and enjoy an orgasm
the impotent thing is WHEN YOUR READY and you have found the right guy

good luck girl hope you find your HA-penis ha ha

Jill ;-)XXX
Lady Gaga Monster Ball appropriate for teens?
Is the Monster Ball tour appropriate for young teens? 14ish? Lady Gaga doesn't actually ever get nude does she? Thank you. First good answer gets 10 points.
Lady gaga never goes nude. but her songs have suggestive themes. She wears very interesting outfits but never takes them off! it is fine for a girl around 14ish to go to a monster ball tour. because she is mauture enough.
Young teens and "Sexting"?
My son just turned 15 and has a 13 year old girl sending FULL on nude sexy photos via email. Not only is this disturbing in itself, but also the fact that my husband and I have govt. jobs that require a security clearance. I don't want this to come back and bite us in the ***.

First I want to know if anyone knows if this is illegal? Secondly, I don't know this girl but I want to know how to approach the situation. My first thought is to go to her and kick her in the ***. Of course, I can't do that. So what I want to know is do I call her cell and ask for her parents, or do I do a reverse look up on her phone number and find out her address and go to see her parents in person, and show them what their daughter is doing? I have read her messages and she is definitely not a good girl being coerced, and its obvious she is the aggressor. My son is actually an air head and most of these pictures only have her message on them, w/o him responding. He is not requesting them.

I am not asking my son for any info because naturally, he will deny it. I also don't want to tell him I know until after I settle it so he doesn't warn her. And I will tell him. I cannot understand how any parent of a young teen would just let them on Facebook, Myspace, etc. and not monitor (knowingly or unknowingly) the content of what their guys are doing. As far as privacy goes, as long as my guys are under 18 and I am paying for their cell phones and computer accts, its my perogative to periodically check up on them. Especially how things are in this day and age.
It is in a legal grey area. Most states have Romeo and Juliet laws allowing teens to date with-in specific years of age to each other. The same laws allow for consensual sexual activity. Now the problem comes in is that a teen can take and send pics of themselves. But anyone forwarding these pics or showing them to others is committing disbursement of guy porn. So by allowing you to see these pics your teen has broken a major law. If he forwarded or showed them to his friends then he could be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, dispersal of guy porn, illegal possession of pornographic material and other things.

Tell your son how dangerous and stupid this is. Let him know it is also much safer and more fun to be nude together. FYI: anything sent or received can be restored even after it's deleted and the account is closed.
In the movie in now and then in1995 how could 5 boy be shown nude?
in now and then it shows 5 boys teens and younger swimming nude and ruining After there clothes it shows there bare butt and the oldest boys front
Nudity isn't porn.
19 year old son lloking at pre-teens and wierd porn on the web, nothing illegal but I'm concerned?
I loaded a spyware program to my sons computer, he's 19 going on 20. Last night he was gone, so for the first time in a few months I decided to check and see what he has been up to. What I found was very concerning and I want to deal with it now!

Naturally there was the normal porn an nude photos, I expected this. But then later in the evening about 3 am he started doing google searches for "pre-teen models, pre-teen nudes, on so on. The sites he went to mostly showed young girls dressed in adult clothing with no nudity. It is discusting. So much so that when I was done I was sick to my stomach. We all know why these sites are there.

Being the father that I am, how should I deal with this? He obviously has issues. Technically, by reading what I have about the law, he did nothing illegal, but he was looking for very wierd stuff. Maybe he was curious, maybe my son is a freak, I don't know. I am at a loss here and trembling with anger and fear. What would you do?
first of all..he is almost 20 years old
you have NO right to load a spyware on his computer and see what he is doing, he may be in your house but that is definetly invasion of privacy, way beyond going through is room..he is an adult whether you can admit that or not
Not only is he an adult, but a guy as he is going to look at porn and like you said yourself he didnt do anything illegal
so you want to know what i would do?
NOTHING because he didnt do anything wrong
and take a good look at myself and feel awful and guilty for snooping through my adult sons private things.
Nude teens 13 - 17 why are they showing their body to everyone?
hi everyone
I downloaded imesh a few weeks ago to download some new music to my surprise i was being hit on by young girls from the age 13 yrs to 17 yrs most of them had pictures of themselves in knickers and bra some had nude pics up ........CRAZY
My question is this why do young girls of that age range think its a good idea to have pictures of there body either naked or in just underwear ??????? i dont understand
i have now uninstalled imesh from my computer as i don't wish to see young naked girls any more
im not sure, im in that age category myself. yet i know girls who do that, and we call them 'sluts'
some possible reasons that they want to be sluts:

`~they need attention
~they want guys to know that they're obviously easy and will do anything~
~they have waaaay to much libido for their age
~their boyfriend just broke up with them and they want to show them what they're missing out on
~they think that it makes them mature (i guess scince you need to be mature to handle nudity? idk)
~they have social pressure to be a slut
~they were drunk at the time
~they were dropped on their head at birth.

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